Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The curious tangy taste of vodka mixed with chicken and beef and fish and cheese.
And there was smoke in my eyes, and smoke in my lungs and a general smokiness inside the head.
Certain comfortable shoulders and conversations provided nice places to retreat from time to time, just as the little bit of Neverland left in this world shook itself and settled down over rickety tables and drunken souls.

A small bit of lost-lost magic, floating aimlessly about this world for so long, finally found a tiny foothold. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007


This is to beef steaks, rugged carpets, and overflowing pegs of Fuel.
This is also to SPE next door, graffiti laden toilet walls, queasy stomachs, torn sofas and stoic faces.
To spinning rooms, blunt knives, scurrying rats and tumble-down ceilings.
And to countless, timeless, hurrying, whispering, nudges of time, and secrets as they poured out.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kobi Guru.

"...Bosiya achho kano apono money,
Swartho nimogono, ki kaaroney.
Charidikey dekho chahi hridoyo prosaari,
Khudro dukkho sobo, tuchchho maani..."

This helps. A lot.

Thank you. :)

And happy birthday, by the way.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I was seven-years old at the time, when love, in all its glory and fury, jumped out from behind a musty bookshelf and bonked me hard on the head.
It smelled a little like Chelpark Royal Blue ink, and also a bit like the breathless-escapades-on-steamers-during-partition-stories which dadumoni used to narrate, before he went all wrinkled and quiet. It reminded me of 7o’clock dashes to the building which is 103 A&C Ballygunge Place, and the sour taste in mouth when the milk would just not finish and the clock would just not slow down. I touched it gingerly, and it was soft. Like mamma’s cotton saree-aanchals when I would wipe my hand on them after lunch.
I talked to it. It smiled back.
It took my breath away. And I have been lost ever since.
When heartbreak happened, and loneliness happened. And people just went on pretending and wouldn’t stop, I would randomly shut myself up, and wander off.


And just sit there, in this random rajasthan fortress, besides the road in this strange kingdom far away, on the steps of this normal benares ghaat or in this half-forgotten village at the end of nowhere, until all the broken me-pieces were collected and glued back together.
And when pisemoshai just went away, (I refuse to say that he died), and everything just went freaky inside my head, I went and huddled up next to her.
And listened to her sing : "Hori din toh galo, sondhya holo, paar koro amarey..."
And cried, like I needed to.

Its been a fabulous 10 years of unwavering, intense love. And worship. And a way of life which just refuses to die.
Every single day, I am newly bonked-on-the-head, and every new facet I discover, settles itself inside, like this old and ragged quilt, which never fails to provide comfort, no matter HOW zonked I am.

Pardon my unashamed gushing. I adore, worship, love this man.

Smitten, badly, since 1995.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

You know there is something horribly wrong with the education system OR me (with emphasis on the latter) when, less than 12 hours away from my end semester examinations, I spend the last 3 hours reading 5 pages of Pope, and ingesting :

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk - Three-fourth of a bar.
2. Shukno Bournvita - Copious amount.
3. 7-Up - Almost an entire half litre bottle.
4. Lays Wafer Style Chips - Half a packet.

I then proceed to think of curly hair, Danny Dengzappa and nail cutters in precisely that order. (Don't even begin to demand an explanation of the chain of thought.)

And then, I blog about it, in meticulous detail.