Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Things I did on my birthday:

1. One full-on-all-out lunch party the day before, with about 15 guests, in my tiny apartment. This actually included getting up at the crack of dawn to score nihari and bheja curry from Old Delhi, cleaning house like a maniac, and preventing the cats from destroying the rugs. I was very proud of myself, but old, creaky bones meant that I passed out before the last guest had left. (which was, admittedly, at 11 pm. And I had been up from 5:30. But still.).

2. A day off from work on the actual birthday.

3. Afternoon nap under the blanket, warming my toes in the buttery winter sun.

4. Cuddling with the cats.

5. Finishing one whole Neil Gaiman book.

6. Ordering and eating one whole pizza by myself. (It was a small pizza, but I think that still counts.)

7. Walking around CP and stuffing my face with sushi and nasi goreng and tiramisu ice cream for dinner.

In short, a pretty awesome time was had, even if I say so myself.

The rest of the week has meetings and office dinners till 10 every day, and, to put it mildly, looks bleak. I am so glad I have this stuff to think about when shit hits the fan, as it is often wont to do in this corporate jungle.

[I wonder if I should change this blog to a confessional style page, where I write about such mundane happenings in my decidedly average life. Would that help me write here more often? Hmmm, I wonder.]