Wednesday, May 10, 2006

'Jeebono jokhon shukaye jay
Korunadharay eso,
Sokol madhuri lukaye jay
Geetosudharose eso.

Kormo jokhon probol-akar
Goroji uthiya dhake charidhaar
Hridoyoprante he neerobo nath,
Shanto chorone eso.

Aponare jobe koria kripon
Kone pore thake deenoheen mon,
Duyar khuliya he udaro nath,
Raj somarohe eso.

Basona jokhon bipul dhulay
Ondho koriya obodhe bhulaye,
Ohe pobitro, ohe onidro,
Rudro aloke eso.'

If I had to choose a single literary piece to help me get through the rest of my life, this would probably be it. You won't believe the amount of bad times I went through with this as my sole companion (Too bad I can't sing...or I would have hummed this all day long)
Thanks, buddy, for creating this....(you don't mind being called you??)
Thanks....for being there.... with this....and numerous others.....always...... whenever I needed them/you....

Ektu deri hoye galo (this should have been done yesterday)...but never mind....


DD said...

lovely post. lovely song too.

but it's a pity that this is the song that's played most often at shraddho baRis.

The Alluder of Alliterations said...

i dont know much about rabindra sangeet

mojo said...

buddy? BUDDY? buddy!!!!???? if only ishitadi were a blogger....better still...debidi!!

"sen"sational said...
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"sen"sational said...
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"sen"sational said...

@dd - thank you. :)...and 'shraddho baris'?? wasn't that 'jeebono moroner seemana chharaye'?

@alluder - u dont have to know it stupid. even i dont know much abt rabindrasangeet. just read it as you wud read a poem. it is beautiful.

@mojo - BAL.

Rapid I Movement said...

Tad too melancholy...ektu concocted gocher-o

the king said...

@sen- ঠাকুর এটা লেখেন তাঁর জন্মদিনের প্রায় ১মাস আগে..২৮শে চৈএ ১৩১৬। এমন মম্ত্র সাথে থাকলে সত্যিই উদ্দ্যম পাই।