Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Should I go ahead and go all longingmushysadandoverwhelmed?

Or should I go about things just as I have been in the past?

All nice and childish and stupid and laughing and distant and fake and nyaka and masquerading?


Ouroboros said...



koi, na toh!

scorpionragz said...

go on bims! be as u always were n have been. or mushy etc. as u wish. c'mon don't change just coz u turned 19!!

onnesha said...

longing mushy sad and overwhelmed???

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

who'r u in love with?

AquilusAltus said...

Speaking from one who never does: Take a risk. You've got to, some time.

kaichu said...

will hug when see.

panu said...

hem hem... you need to get a life.... pronto.

btw, have you been reading too much into graffiti recently??

"sen"sational said...

@ouroboros - achchha. :)

@ragz - ahem. let's see. :P

@onnesha - yes. NO.

@shyo - you. kintu tui amar dikey phireo takas na.

@aquilusaltus - No thank you. I prefer not to. :)

@kaichu - will hug back. tight. :)

@panu - you HAve to remind me of that sad fact, tai na? And graffiti? No!

guitargeorge said...

etake aatlamo na nakamo??

Heathcliff Ranting... said...

Please remain Bimbo'ish'!!!