Monday, July 09, 2007

Since I have absolutely nothing to do. And like, you know, when you sit on the sofa watching nth reruns of SaReGaMaPa, and this huge tsunami wave of nothing-to-do-ness hits you? Well, yeah, that happened today. And so, I dug out a list. And that is my blogpost for the day. 7 things. And excuse me while I go and attach myself to the sofa again.

And here they are. 7 things I wish to do in my lifetime:
1.Go snorkelling around the great barrier reef.
2.Meet John Nash.
3.Watch a superhit movie being directed.
4.Give an eve-teaser a bloody nose.
5.Keep a pet pug and name it Hutch. (I read it somewhere, the pug-being-named-Hutch, that is.)
6.Experience Oxford. Real life.
7.Dance. At the Royal Albert Hall.


onnesha said...

maane ki lyath ki lyaath!

Double-Dolphin said...

1. Go snorkelling around the great barrier reef – no barriers to that. Fly quantas, international flights serve booze……..complimentary

2. Meet John Nash – he’s likely to think you don’t really exist.

3.Watch a superhit movie being directed – err……’ll need a time machine, because you’ll only know if a movie is a superhit once it releases.

4. Give an eve-teaser a bloody nose. – start taking martial arts classes……snigger snigger….

5. Keep a pet pug and name it Hutch – we had an interview with that famous pug’s owner once.

6. Experience Oxford. Real life. – err……I assume you’re not referring to the bookstore.

7. Dance. At the Royal Albert Hall. – ahem…….I’ll smoke up and try to imagine that before I comment.

The none said...

Why John Nash? Why not me? I am not schizophrenic and still a mathematics genius. B-)

Heathcliff Ranting... said...

real life oxford experience....

hmm.. good one. include cambridge as well.
and please wear a boxing-gloves before you punch the shit-out-of the eve teaser.

Elendil said...

In my equivalent of this list, there was

6) Pissing out of a window.

I went to this place.. this resort just outside Cal, for a holiday, and actually DID that. :D :D

People, beware: If you go to Lake Land Country Club, I've peed out of one of those windows.