Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My city is burning.
And all I am doing right now is studying for my exams.

I wouldn't know what to do.

Also, I. am. too. effing. scared.

Oh, how I love the person I have grown up to be!

No crying baby.

There is no pain, you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying

When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain, you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

Bloody stupid, complacent, moronic, indifferent, selfish me.


Double-Dolphin said...

that's not completely true. u did call me to tell me to be careful :)

March Hare said...

i did not call you. i sent you a scrap. it's different.

and how does that make this untrue?

mojo said...

yeah are not the only one...

Heathcliff Ranting... said...


You are not the only one. and thank god you are like this, its so easy to relate to you this way.