Saturday, December 29, 2007

Genius. Just.

A little sweet, a little sour,
A little close, not too far.
All I need, All I need,
All I need, is to be free.

Chhoo loo main, itna kareeb,
Chal paroon toh kitna door,
Sapna sa buna,
Sweater sa warm,
Safed badalon par,
Mera jahaan.

Let me in without a shout,
Let me in I have a doubt,
There are more, many more,
Many many many more like me.



panu said...

shit. I loved that movie too.

mojo said...


saptarshi said...

And what a movie it was!

The none said...

Genius? The boy is. Sort of. And the film was just could-have-been-genius-turned-out-to- be-mediocre.

March Hare said...

@panu, mojo, saptarshi - YES!

@none - i am prejudiced and so are you. we will NEVER agree on this one.

inihos said...

I loved the was plainly speaking...gorgeous
and i hum the songs all day