Thursday, March 20, 2008

Realisation: Post SKC

Welcome to the land of the stupid and ignorant.
Inhabitant number: 1.



mojo said...

me 2

Bhooter Raja said...

Till date I have not met any JUDE student who does not feel like this after an SKC class. So relax.

The none said...

bolechhilam toder moto bimbo-der dwara poRashona hobe na. I am planning to become a professional stripper. Tuio hobi naki? The money is really good. :D

panu said...

he does knw a bit too much. bimbo stripper hobar size tor nei. midget butler hote parish jodio.

@ suddha - bachhader baaje idea deoa bondho kor.

Pongy Papaya said...

number 2?
hyan re aami khub kom jani.

Rimi said...

I second Dibyo.