Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I spent 4 hours in the editing room today. And when everything was done, the rush of adrenaline was just.Too.Much.

I wouldn't mind doing this for the rest of my life. Really.

The question, however, is how.


eden gardens said...

by working your ass off, you twit.

Insiya said...

oooh. yes. the rush. :) have you tampered yet, in the editing room, with someone else' story? i have.

Bhooter Raja said...

tui kothaye kaaj korchish?

Oshtorombha said...


Diviani said...


p.s. word verification= proand =P

Bajro said...

Great... You like what you are doing!!

March Hare said...

@sonai - i don't think it works this way.

@insiya - i haven't. our editor is insanely protective of his equipment.

@dibyo - kaaj na. internship. cnn-ibn.

@nandita - yo ho ho. and a bottle of rum.

@diviani - yayness. :)

@bajro - i like the work. yes. :)

workhard said...

U a workoholic?

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