Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I understand that this blog is...for most purposes...gathering dust in a long forgotten corner of the internet. But then, I never really wrote for an audience. Not even in the college heydays of ellipses-filled, vague, megalomaniac blogposts.

However, even in its moth-eaten state, the blog is part of the great big INTERNET...full of other people...and maybe, just MAYBE...the chance that other people may stumble across this will shame me into finishing my to-do lists.

Therefore, here goes:

1. Dust the shelf. Dust the shelves. Dust the book. Dust the books.
2. Change bedsheets!
3. Collect the kameez from the darzi!
4. Make the annual trip to Sarojini and stock up on winterwear.
5. Rearrange shoe rack.
6. Pay credit card bill.
7. Pay gas bill.
8. Get the broken window pane repaired.
9. Cook something...anything. (Maybe dessert?)
10. Seriously think about that exercise regimen. Do not wait till every joint starts creaking.

Hmmmm...sometimes I astound myself with my wild, partying lifestyle.


The Footloose Doll said...

Sometimes I feel like the most frustrating part of being a functional adult is "getting things fixed". Most of my to-do lists go like this:
Get the tap fixed
Get the tube light fixed
Get the shower fixed

The worst part? These plumber / electrician type dudes never turn up!

Random audience from the BIG internet said...

hmmm... shame shame... go dust... now.. pronto!

march hare said...

@footloose: Yes! The plumber must have built a mansion with all the money I have spent on him over the past three years!