Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Very Own Bunch Of Weirdos.....( Statutory warning: this is going to be VERY boring to people who don't know this specific bunch)

A random adda session at monida’s today set me thinking. We were trying to come up with characteristics of each other that we like.(okay…that was a pretty weird sentence construction, but I think ppl will understand.) The entire gang was not there. Only a few people. So I thought I would write about some of the stand-out qualities in my friends which make them the really strange and funny and nice-to-be-with and we-all-care-for-each-other and one-of-a-kind bunch of people they are. (Not all of my good friends are here, but only those whom I think are kind of insane. And ‘insane’ as the respectable alal of our dept. put it, ‘is good - very very good indeed’.) So… goes….
The I-AM-NOT-NICE-AND-DON’T-U-DARE-CALL-ME-THAT-BECAUSE-I-LIKE-PEOPLE-TO-THINK-I-AM-MEAN-AND-I-AM-REALLY-MEAN-ANYWAYS award goes to……who else?? Yippee hippie of course….she is the only person I have seen who actually likes it when people call her mean and not nice. And she not only likes it….she positively GLOWS with self-satisfaction. And the weird part is…she is not really mean….not as mean as SOME people are anyways. But she is really really trying hard to reach this goal….and by the look of things I think she will succeed if she keeps on toiling like this for a few more weeks….so…all the best girl….keep going….

The AHEM-I-REALLY-APPRECIATE-THE-VALUES-MY-PARENTS-HAVE-INCULACATED-IN-ME-AND-I-WILL-NOT-EVER-REBEL-AGAINST-THEM-BECAUSE-AFTER-ALL-THEY-ARE-MY-PARENTS-AND-KNOW-WHAT-IS-BEST-FOR-ME-AND-WHY-ARE-U-TURNING-REBELLIOUS-THEY-WANT-UR-WELL BEING-AT-THE-END-OF-THE-DAY (phew!!) award definitely goes to E.T.(go home). I mean…come on….the ‘rebellious’ people here are 17 or 18…and if u don’t rebel against your parents now… will they know that you are almost an adult….and can be trusted to make certain decisions by yourself?? And trust me…when there are parents who yell at you when you reach home at 11:20 instead of 11 (which is a really early curfew time anyway and I was escorted by a “grown-up” for god’s sake!!) it is necessary to have a fight with them. Not to say that I don’t appreciate my parents being my parents and wanting the best for me and blah blah…… but there are some times when u just HAVE to rebel….to get it out of ur system probably…but you just have to.
Apart from this, however, I think the MOST-SENSIBLE-PERSON award should go to E.T as well. She is extremely level headed and knows just when to resolutely jump off the ledge and head home to her beloved “Ziauddin Barani”s and “Maurya foreign policies” – a quality which I sorely lack and thus very much envy.

The DAMN!-SHE-IS-SMART-AND-I-MEAN-REALLY-REALLY-SMART award definitely goes to E.T’s “big sister”. She is suited for this award to boot. And whenever I see her I go “damn! She is smart, I mean really really smart”. And just like her venerable “sibling” I think she should get another award. And that award let me tell you people….is really really hard to get.I don’t think anyone has got it in the recent past. And that is the I-DON’T-BUNK-A-SINGLE-CLASS-BUT-HAVE-A-ROARING-TIME-AT-THE-UNIVERSITY-ANYWAYS award. And she does people….she does. You will almost always find her hanging around the ledge or at monida’s – a gold flake kingsize hanging from her lips….and yet…believe it or not people…she does every single class….and I mean EVERY SINGLE one of them.

p.s. and she has got an amazing taste in music. ‘Big sis’, can I get ‘champagne supernova’ now please??

The I-DON’T-TALK-MUCH-BUT-KNOW-EVERYTHING-HAPPENING-AROUND-ME-ANYWAYS award goes to ‘eevee’. She doesn’t like to make herself very prominent….and likes to remain in the background, but, believe me, she knows everything worthwhile going on in the university and in the life of her contemporaries. And of course how can I forget her one and only similarity with the overtly extrovert and giggly me – we both come from the same (ahem!) ‘background’ you see. And before I forget I think she should have the I-AM-VERY-VERY-STUDIOUS-AND-I-STUDY-A-LOT-AND-I-MEAN-A-LOT award as well. Amongst all of us she is the one who really toils the hardest at her studies…(honestly, how many people would you find who would actually DO reference work in the off periods?? I mean, come on…off periods and studies?? Puh…lease….give me a break….)

The POUR-OUT-ALL-YOUR-AGONIES-TO-ME-DEAR-AND-I-WILL-SOOTHE-YOU-AND-NEVER-YOU-MIND-AND-HERE’S-A-TISSUE-AND-WIPE-YOUR-TEARS-AND-BLOW-YOUR-NOSE-AND-THERE-U-GO-THERE-IS-NOTHING-THAT-A-PAT-IN-THE-BACK-AND-A-CUP-OF-HOT-CHOCOLATE-WON’T-CURE award of course goes to the venerable ‘mommy’ of the venerable ‘siblings’ mentioned beforehand. She is a true-blue agony aunt if I have ever seen one. She is sympathetic and a really good listener. And as yippee hippie put it…..acts as the human ear. And so….if u want to know all the deepest darkest secrets of the most happening people in our campus….you know who to turn to. Not that she would tell you anyways…. She is VERY VERY tight lipped about the secret lives of all her nieces and nephews…..people call her a birdbrain sometimes…but she is not people….agony aunts generally aren’t….

The I-AM-STRANGE-AND-CREEPY-AND-I-AM-LIKE-THIS-ONLY-AND-WILL-YOU-PLEASE-LET-ME-BUY-SCRUNCHIES-FOR-YOU-PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE-I-WILL-BAKE-YOU-A-SINFULLY-RICH-CHOCOLATE-CAKE-IF-YOU-DO-AND-AREN’T-YOU-GOING-TO-POKE-ME-TODAY-I-AM-REALLY-REALLY-HURT-AND-ESTRANGED-AND-WHERE-IS-ANC-I-AM-MISSING-HIM-TERRIBLY-TERRIBLY-TERRIBLY award goes to ‘alliterations’. He is really a good boy and very very nice at heart but he can be really really freaky if he wants to. And before I forget it, he makes absolutely AWESOME chocolate cookies as well. Trust me people, I am speaking from experience.

p.s. and, please, for god’s sake, STOP CALLING ME LI’L BIMBO!! It freaks the hell out of me…..

The DHAT-B**-KICHU-BHALO-LAGCHHE-NA-CHAL-MAL-PARTY-KORI-AND-****KE-KI-BHALO-DEKHTE-NA-AMAR-NA-OKE-KHUB-BHALO-LAGE-KINTU-AHA-BECHARA-AMAKE-DEKHLEI-PALIYE-JAY-AND-DHUR-B*** C****-I-DON’T-THINK-I-FIT-IN-HERE-AT ALL-THE-ONLY-PLACE-I-FIT-IN-IS-MY-SCHOOL-GANG-AND-I-AM-MISSING-THEM-YAAR award definitely goes to mojo. She is one of the very few persons I have seen who run wild all day…all semester….smoking and occasionally grassing and boozing away to her heart’s content. She shares all her notes with everyone who asks for them and studies really really little and yet manages to pass with flying colours everytime. And though this is just not fair and I am green with jealousy, I have to say….. ‘don’t lose this gift of yours girl’….

The I-AM-THE-DADDY-AND-DON’T-YOU-DARE-DISOBEY-ME-AND-PLEASE-DON’T-BUNK-YOUR-CLASSES-AND-PLEASE-PLEASE-STUDY-YOU-HAVE-AN-EXAM-REMEMBER-AND-WANT-TO-LISTEN-TO-MY-NEW-POEM-ABOUT-A**-AND-THE-NAME-WILL-BE-ECSTASY-THAT’S-IT-I-DON’T-WANT-TO-HEAR-ANY-ARGUMENTS award goes to my ‘daddy’. He is strange….bunking classes left and right one week and spending all his spare time in the library the next. But he is a good friend nevertheless and for all the micro economics notes that he very generously gave me….a big THANK YOU DADDY!! And don’t mind….but don’t you think that the venerable prof. will get a little tired if you gift him a 4 pages long poem every other week?? I know u love the prof in question…..I do too….but give him a break, okay??

The ALL-THE-WORLD (ESPECIALLY WEST BENGAL)-IS-A-STAGE-AND-SPEAKING-OF-BANGALIS-AND-STAGE-GOTOKAL-BUJHLI-TO-MADHUSUDAN-MANCHE-EKTA-NATAK-DEKHLAM….award definitely goes to S…our resident bheto, aantel bangali.…..With his jhola, cigarettes and his passion for everything concerned with natak and cha…he represents the typical Juite. I can picture him in the not so distant future with ekmukh dari , Punjabi, jeans, jhola and chappal….running around college street in a cycle….trying to get his little magazine published……go S…..

The I-DON’T FIT-IN-HERE-I-DON’T-KNOW-WHY-I-CAME-HERE-IN-THE-FIRST-PLACE-WHY-WHY-WHY- award has only one recipient. D of course. She is pretty. And quite sensible. But I find her strange fits of depression and intellectual conversation (as well as her …ahem…’puzzling’ dress sense) very very confusing.

And I won’t even get started on ‘little johnny’ …..everyone (including to some extent me as well) will run out of patience if I do…. So just let it be said that the ORGANIC-WALKING-TALKING-AND-HOGGING-ENCYCLOPAEDIA-BRITANNICA award undoubtedly goes to him. ( I am NOT starting on his other….ahem…. ‘characteristics’ for patience constraints…….u see….)

p.s. and S.D. please don’t mind….but I couldn’t think of any award to give you. You are the only ‘normal’ person I guess. Though u DO tend to do VERY VERY weird things on the ledge once in the while. (or should I say DID?)


#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

babe, im a good guesser or what?

Ancalagon The Black said...

What other characteristics? I was of the impression that I possessed none.

and who, I pray is big sister?

"sen"sational said...

SONAI - yes...u r babe...u definitely r

SHION - big sis is scorpionragz....shame on u....u don't even know ur family...

The Alluder of Alliterations said...

shion is an encyclopaedia of erudite asininity.. he often makes up stuff to fill in gaps.. not that i mind i often do the same too as both of us have erudite images to maintain

"sen"sational said...

oh really? i am so pathetically ignorant myself that i don't even get that. :(

Ancalagon The Black said...

tut tut, I don't make stuff up. I am always right. Come, I challenge you to disprove me.

yippeeHippie said...

WTF? i`m not "really" mean? i hate u. you shall rot in hell. and i`ll never let you indulge in any kind of "nesha" ever again.i`ll tell anc, and he`ll "influence" your bain....u know what i`m talking about.. alluder of alliterations: i honestly believe you`re in love with anc.
who`s S.D? surely, you`re not talking bout our much loved (We-keep-wondering-what-it-is-about-her-and-Hardy )teacher?

Ancalagon The Black said...

Influencing people is an art which is to be acquired, rather than learnt.

Ancalagon The Black said...

and for the record, I am not in your family. I am the only outsider.

"sen"sational said...

SHION- but u r in the family. it is too complicated to explain on the net. will do so face to face.

mojo said...

hey i must say i am touched, apart from anindya saying(during the mother of all bawaals)"mojo meyetar dom achhe",it is the ultimate compliment anyone has paid me!!!also a wellwritten,hilarious blog,very accurate and insightful descriptions of us all!

"sen"sational said...

SUCHI - i think u know who sd is. not the hardy 'fan'atic.

DOYEETA - what can i say? *shniff* i am MOST touched as well.

Hyde said...

Thanks. Yours should be any time now, shouldn't it? :-)

"sen"sational said...

ah........birthday? yes. it's the day after valentines.

p.s.and u r most welcome.:)

Ancalagon The Black said...

tut tut. I am NOT in the family. I never was.

"sen"sational said...

ummmmm......okay anc. if u say so anc. (though i certainly have my doubts)

scorpionragz said...

AWWWWWWW!!!! tHANK YOU!!!!(blush blush!!!)
Am I really THAT smart??? (blush blush again)
Really, melady, thou flatterest me too much!!!
But Ok yeah, I accept anyway.

And for anc's kind info, I DON'T want him in our family, jaah!!!
If he doesn't even recognize the fair Gogo, wen her valiant characteristics are lauded, he is from henceforward, officially disowned!!!
(See,see? I used big words!!! Ain't I smart? Huh huh huh???)

"sen"sational said...

Yeah babe!! i already said that....thou ART smart!!!

Diviani said...

I love you.

U r sweet.

And I'm not all that confused anymore.

Divine intervention, you see.