Monday, November 20, 2006

The smell of paint has faded.

The final bow has been taken.

The props all put away.

People have applauded for a final time, and gone home.

The lights have dimmed.

Shit shit shit

…I never thought I would say this (especially not for this ..)….

but I miss it…..

I do..


AquilusAltus said...

See. All you have to do is put up another one. To which I shall be able to come..!

saptarshi said...

Yes.Of course of course.After our semesters are over.

suddha said...

yeah!!! i would have missed the "women on top" as hell too!!!!!!! :-P

Tiny Black Cat said...

byash... hoye gelo aar ki! another jadavpuri bitten by the natok bug! :D

rainbeau_peep said...

wherefore dost thou worry? padatik show ta hobe to. ota nicer, more intimate. *hopefully*
fear not, we shall make thee look like chocolate icing again!
besides, you have the comfort of being able to do it again and again and again, for some years now. there will be other productions, other roles. the show, as it were, must go on. :-D

Amal (aka prem) said...

absolutely stunning piece... i mean...a bit faded...but serene thoughts

"sen"sational said...

@aquilusaltus and saptarshi - we are. gyaan manch. 1st jan. you better come.

@suddha - :P, :P and :P

@TBC - ki ar korbo bol. I tried to save myself. Honestly.

@rainbeau - chocolate icing?? errr..???

@amal - thankee. muchly. :)