Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Whipping out the dusty quill spew out brilliance is not actually my cuppa tea.
So I will stick to doing my tag (I have been tagged by this funny and brilliant female) without any frills and thrills.
And that’s that.

10 simple pleasures:

1. Reading . (Well yes…call me an aantel, a snob and what-say-you…but I can’t imagine anything more simple…and more exhilaratingly pleasurable.)

2. Remembering. ( It’s probably the masochist me speaking…because remembering certain conversations…random walks, sudden looks, touches…gives me the most excruciatingly painful pleasure ever.)

3. Watching people. ( It’s unnerving…sometimes strange people stare right back at you. But I love watching people. And if you are a JUDE student and have access to ZeLedge then oohhh lala…you’ve just booked yourself a front row ticket to the people watcher’s paradise…squealing females…jumping males…weird pink skirts…golden jholas…orange and green bras…hot professors… dreamy eyed geniuses…mushy get it all… right here..right now..)

4. Singing in the shower. (Nothing is more stress relieving than making John Lennon and Rabindranath turn in their graves while rinsing your hair.)

5. Washing my hand. (It’s probably weird. But I love to do this. I love the feeling of the dirt and grime peeling away…I love to see the grey water swirl and disappear…and I love the fresh feel and smell afterwards)

6. Being out in storms. ( No, not rains as much … but the stuff preceding it…the dust-getting-into-your-eyes-mouth-nose-the-umbrella-flying-right-off-the-tangy-smell-taking-over-your-lungs kind..)

7. Biting into a cheese cake/gorom topse maachh bhaja/ patisapta. (Do I really need to explain this one??)

8. Talking. (Pleases. Surprises. Dirties. Numbs. Hurts. Cleanses.)

9. Dancing. (I stumble. I falter. I fall. But I sway. I twirl. I laugh. I get away. I live.)

10. Sleeping. ( Shuts out the world. Let’s me be alone. And most importantly, provides the only place where I manage to get a date with Johnny Depp as well as a 100% scholarship to Oxford.)

p.s. Oh yes...and I tag (and I can't I will just write their blogger user id's) aquilusaltus, phemonoe and scorpionragz.


Heathcliff Ranting... said...

unalloyed pleasures can be derived from the simple things in life.

no thrills and frills, but pure innocence and simplicity.. the innocence captured in the moments of washing hands, dancing like no-ones watching, talking mindless crap, walking in the storm and waging a war against it or may be while reading wuthering heaights and feeling a pang for the estranged lovers.

Phemonoe said...

wish i could use these as the 10 pointers to make me happy and distribute them. reminded me of 'raindrops on roses'. post more like this.

Tiny Black Cat said...

ahh so nice so nice! makes me crave... um... i dunno what?

*wanders off scratching head*

The Nameless One said...

Bhery Intereshting!

BTW thanks for visiting my blog!

saptarshi said...

really! i must see the orange and green bras someday...

And when washing ur hands off whatever, use provides hundred percent germ protection...coz clean hands are not really clean...they have hundreds of wriggling black creatures...u get my point? me,u'll feel better!

AquilusAltus said...

Hey, my first tag..!


AquilusAltus said...

orange and green bras?!
Man, do I spend most of my time at the wrong college!

and bim, johnny depp? really?

scorpionragz said...

waaaaaaaaaah!! amake tag korechhish?? shuwor!! ei je lyaith kheye gechhi??
aar eto din pore eshe porchhi. thik achhe likhbo.

Anonymous said...

dhue felo haat tobo
molinota dhue felo sob
poro, dekho, shekho, bhabo
manush-eri kotha, nirob

and yes, those orange and green bras........a must see, i must say.dekhte gele khorcha nei to? :-)