Thursday, November 27, 2008

God bless.

Ae dil, hai mushkil,
Jeena yahaan,
Zara hat ke,
Zara bach ke,
Yeh hai Bombay meri jaan.


chandni said...

Bombay. the city is bombay.

I am just numb.

Insiya said...


ahona said...

How could they do this to Colaba? For me, Colaba is the nerve centre of India. Everything seems to me, those few moments I spent the last time I was there; staring into the sea till dusk and then walking into the coffee shop at the old regal Taj with my family, the only WARM luxury hotel I have ever been to.

Bombay, as Chandni has said, the city is Bombay.

panu said...


Heathcliff Ranting... said...

bhalo thakuk shobbai. please.