Sunday, November 09, 2008


So, these are some of the search-phrases which made Google direct people to my blog. Hilarious would be an understatement.

Bhenge mor ghorer chaabi niye jaabi - Understandable. One of my favourite songs. Seems I am not alone.

Geriartrophile - Err, I didn't really mean it THAT way.

Chotkabe - Ki? Kano? Were you trying to find squishy porn? Or just the recipe for aloo-bhaatey?

Harry potter magic words laviosa - Ooookay. Though I do not understand, with mugglenet and wikipedia, why MY blog would come up in the search. But then, I did mention these words some time back. And Google is nothing if not thorough.

Baje sargam har taraf se - Aww. Nostalgia. I am assuming its not just me who loves this.

Batasa sweets - What about them? They are round, white, sweet. Found in abundance during any kind of pujo. Like, DUH!

Aguner poroshmoni words - Go buy yourself a Geetobitan.

Subhayu is useless - Hahahahahahahaha. This is one of my favourites. At least, someone ELSE thinks this is true too.

Amlan dasgupta birthday - Well. I won't tell you. Find it out yourself, if you like the man. Hmph.

Arunava learning - What? Learning to not-pat, not-freak-out-people, not-go-gaga-over-psychoanalysis? Someone is curious!

Patha bhaban school - Best school in the whole wide world. I hope your curiosity is satisfied?

Put your mp3 player on shuffle - You SERIOUSLY don't know how to do that?

Nobab kinle aram free - Kinchhe! Bolchhe! Dichchhe ki?

2008 madhyamik results of everybody - Yes. Well. Some passed. Some failed. Next question please.

Gangarati - Happens in Benares.

Mandira bedi doodh - Okay. Either I am a pervert, or this is really gross.

Geral durrell - The 'd' packed its bags and went to Hawaii, did it?

Kobi amar - Like, mine! All mine! My precious, types?

Bimboboti - Look at me! My name is misspelt! BUT, someone searches! I am famous! Oh the adulation!

Oly - Not so great anymore.

Pratyush da - What about him? Vague aquaintance. Son of a favourite teacher.

Rabindra rachanabali printed books - You get them at College street. At discount. Ask doyeeta.

Patisapta - Good to eat. I can make them. GAH.

Gulp it - What? Mod? Doodh? Jol?

Chirotar jol - Kano? Petroga?

Kubla kapoor - Either you forgot the Khan after. Or you forgot the Kunal before. Take your pick.

Prannoy roy - I worship. Any questions?

yarki English - I Seriously don't know man!

Bangal panu - Hahahahahaha. Khuje dyakho. Kotthao nei. Sorry.

Benares diwali descriptions - They are usually loud and bright. With loads of alcohol and cards.

Girls hostel dupurbela - Mone pore Ruby Roy?

Fivefindouters - And buster the dog! :D

Virgin emotions - What? Got dumped?

Shubhayu sen - Don't know any. Thank you.

Panu golpo - GAH. NEI. NEI. NEI.

Bolchhish? - Bolchhi. Sotti.

Wasim akram dress sense - Fantastic.

Mukhagni means - The exact english word eludes me.

Suddha bagchi - My friends are famous too!

Joker commitment - Is to put a smile on your face?

Panwallah - Sells paan?

Me and mandy - Know each other. WHAT is it exactly you want to find out?

Pip al pacino - The second and third words make up a delicious man. The first? Erm, Dickens?

Number of bookworms till date - Go on. I am curious to know.

Poulomi sardesai - Rajdeep has a sister? Or did my friend get married?

Puja alponas - Are hard. Can't do them.

Topshe maachh - Taste great!

Goopy gain bagha bain - Is childhood?

Mowas mean - Round sweet stuff you get during pujos.

Taking crap from people - Aha re. Ki koshto.

Pete seeger - Is fabulous?

Jignesh raja - Erm, you mean Altaaf?

Cute girl bedi young - Errrr..

Doyeeta - Okay, I have MANY famous friends.

Mamdobaji - Sotti. Mairi.

I can't go on any more. There were hundreds of them. Some obscene. Many about Ray. And SOME were plain ridiculous like, 'cute girls drinking milk'!

However, it is always nice to know it is not only me who thinks Subhayu is useless.


Insiya said...

accha how do you generate such a list?

Double-Dolphin said...

arunabha learning? like hannibal rising?.....word verification is moter!!! MOTER!!!

Oshtorombha said...

ha ha. Bangla panu achhay tomar blog ay. kothao lukiyechho. hee.
aur haanji, subhayu is useless. i agree. :P

Guitar George said...

i agree...subhayu is useless...but i quite like him...u know him being my namesake and all that..

The none said...

ami famous! ami famous! dhinka chika! :D

and for everyone's knowledge bimbabati reads bangladeshi panu called "sworoneeyo chodon". I know. B-)

March Hare said...

@insiya -

@double dolphin - precisely like that. i am imagining arunava as hannibal now. btw.

@nandita - see? everyone agrees with me.

@subhayu - see above comment. :P

@bichi - oy. utter baseless lies, all of it. in response, i can, erm, spill your REAL beans (unlike the imaginary ones of mine you have been spilling). a very big GAH to you. and this is what you do to your loyal wake-uper? * sniff *

fyn scarlet reed said...

I laughed disturbingly loudly for some of these. how do i generate such a list for my own blog? i hope there are some horrors at least.

The none said...

Bimbabati also buys bangladeshi panu boi's from random mondir's in shantiniketon and reads them in candlelit rooms filled with horny, older men :D

Heathcliff Ranting... said...

ewww... Bimbo... such stories are making rounds in new york as well.


tor ei dosha keno holo?

mojo said...

ha ha ha...much fun this be...maamdobaaji...hahaha.
aar tor nischoy suddha ar pratyushda ar amar opor shupto byatha chhe, nongra post likhish amader niye,..

mandy said...

hahah subhayuisuseless is absolutely priceless! and lookit! i has been mentioned!!! =D

(me and mandy is a song btw. i'm trying to download it. staunchly refuses the bloody thing.)

Satraa said...

Well, I just googled up 'Chotkabe'. Second result pointed to Bimbo's blog. The third pointed to something called "Nupurer Sexy Joubon".

Ayan Chakraborty said...

thik jemonti bolecho, 'baje sargam' search korte giye tomar blog e. lyrics ta chaichilam. seta nei jodio. kintu bhenge mor ghorer chabi dekhe ekdom bowled out hoye gelam. one of my favorite's as well. bhola moyrar bhashay bolte gele: "shobai tahole eka non..." :D sotti, dadur gaane amra keu eka noi i guess.

arekta byapar. aboout bangla panu. chitrangadar 'aay re jhor neme aay' search korchilam. google bangladesh er chotiboi er site e niye gelo. bhabte paro! sekhane lekhok shorire jhor-tor byapar likhechen mone hoy.

keep blogging. onek shubhechha roilo.

panu said...

Bangal panu - Hahahahahaha. Khuje dyakho. Kotthao nei. Sorry.

Nei bolchish??