Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 2

This is where things get trickier. Propped up by an unlikely surge of adrenaline and the prospect of a perfect weekend looming ahead, protidin blog korbo likhe toh dilam. Kintu tahole ranna ta korbe ke, ar plumber ke phone kore pester korbe ke, ar Business Communication er boi ta thik somoye production editorial ke transmit korbe ke, ar majhrattirer interesting phone calls guloi ba attend korbe ke?

Jai howk. Because there is currently an electrician banging away at my bedroom wall while trying to install an AC, as well as a maid banging around pots and pans in the kitchen (and because both of them are emanating plaintive cries of 'didiiiii' at an interval of five minutes and because both my roommates have currently deserted this Saturday morning), I'll try and make this post as short as possible.

A book you've read more than three times:

My entire childhood was spent reading obsessively. Which meant that when new books were unavailable, I read and re-read the old ones till their pages fell apart and their covers came off and they literally cried for mercy. Books I've read more than three times range from strange Sidney Sheldon novels (specific parts of which were re-read during teenage years for anatomical...err...knowledge) to large the big fat Madhyamik text books (which were re-read under duress and peer pressure. Jeebon Mukherjee's history book, anyone?) Taking all of this into account, I'm interpreting this post to be about a book which I've read at least thirty times. A book I can quote in my sleep. A book I turn to for familiarity in a strange land. A book which goes with me wherever I go. A book which touches a chord every time. A book which defines my childhood. A book I've probably read three thousand times, and more. A book by a man who, if he hadn't died in his thirties, would've probably gone on to win the Nobel.

...ei chheleta bnachle pore tobe,
buddhi jore e sansare ekta kichhu hobe...

Hethay nishedh nai re dada,
Nai re badhon, nai re badha,
Hethay rongin akash tole,
Swopon dola haway dole,
Surer neshar jhorna chhote,
Akash kusum apni fote...



Abhishek Mukherjee said...

Dudine duto post! WTF!!

There's something I must mention here, though. Over the years, I've seen people who are ruthless critics of Tagore and Satyajit.

But, for whatever reason, these critics, and the others, never seem to say a single bad thing about Sukumar. Why does he not have a single critic?

Buratino said...

This book will feature on my list too. Just as soon as figure out where. But it will. It must! :D

Anonymous said...

Correction: Phote, not fote! Argh!

Arse Poetica. said...

Great Bengali writers don't get Nobels. Case in point: Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.

Trayambak said...

ajke amar hridoy majhe dhai dhopadhop tobla baje

ajke re bhai jabar age
bolbo ja mor chitte lage
nai ba tahar ortho hok
naiba bujhuk bebak lok

porte giye kanna pay...:(