Friday, November 04, 2011


Growing up is not all it is made out to be. For example, this weekend, I'm looking forward to:

1. Cleaning the bigger loo.
2. Getting the rice cooker fixed.
3. Cleaning the top of the fridge. (The red ants are killing us)
4. Pestering the plumber until he comes over to fix the leaky pipe and the broken washer.
5. Getting quilts down from the loft and sunning them.
6. Buying a nice overcoat for myself from Janpath before the temperature dips to single figure and the prices shoot up.
7. Cooking the leftover pork in the fridge.
8. Making the long overdue mutton curry for my roommates.
9. Finishing A Song of Ice and Fire.

Previous weekends usually involved extensive hours on the phone, obsessive texting, and mailing. But I've given up on the last two (because I figured there's only so much of one sided conversation one can take) and am slowly working on curtailing the first one. And therefore, I'm left with the list above.This isn't really how the life of a twenty three year old, living away from home, should be. Apart from finishing that strangely addictive book, I do not see a single thing that gets my adrenaline pumping. The future, my friend, is bleak.


sumana said...

Blah! haha :) I like the title :) And another 24 ( thats jusy 23+1 na?) I totally agree with you. Life is so bleak.

The Footloose Doll said...

Dude, we have similar lives. I posted two days back, and this is how it started:
Things to do today:

Get the bathroom window fixed

Clean the bathroom

Clean the kitchen

Clean the terrace

Buy Surf Excel

Wash clothes

Change the bed sheet

Look for a washerwoman

It's a shame, really.

Bajro said...

Your last line Suits me well... I think I am going to join the club sometime early next year.

Spin said...

You know whats the saddest thing, that you put reading in a to do list. I haven't read a book in two months, I kid you not. And reading used to be such an organic part of our lives. Sigh.

Saptarshi Chakraborty said...

You will cook pork! Very good.

Also when you are buying overcoats keep these in mind:

SayantaniD said...

notice how different saptarshi's comment is from the rest? no commiseration at all!

But I feel you. This is not a way to live. And its not good that we understand the system of water supply in a city either. Thats just pathetic.

march hare said...

@sumana - Yes. On some days it's not so bleak (days when I'm fortified with alcohol, mainly). But mostly it is one bleak show.

@footloose - Haha. Yeah. I read that post. I wonder if it's us or do all young working people lead the same life?

@tapo - To be truthful, it isn't so bad. The independence is exhilirating at times.

@srin - Your comment makes me the saddest. However, I DID manage to finish the book. So that's some consolation.

@saptarshi - Haha. Tor pragmatism dekhe ami mugdho.

@sonai - Yeah. Sigh.

waywardhorizons said...

This used to be me till I got kicked out of my house. lol

Abhishek Mukherjee said...

I repeat. My current thoughts, precisely.