Friday, August 31, 2012

Just thought that the internet should know that I have a new blog where I sometimes write about my favouritest thing in this world.

I didn't want to advertise it, because I generally hate people who post links to their blog at the slightest opportunity. (ME! ME! READ ME! ME FIRST! ME AWESOME! Argh.)

However, my shiny new blog was feeling rather desolate because no one was reading or commenting. (Primarily because no one knew about its existence. But still.).

And I did write stuff and put it out on the internet because I wanted people to read it. 

So. Here it is.

p.s. And this is the last time I shall write about it/ post a link to it anywhere, because now I know that people are aware of its existence.

The end.


Spin said...

Actually, people who like reading your blog LOVE to be given new blog links. Amio ekta erom blog baniyechi but that has no writing, only documentation of what I read/ watch.

March Hare said...

What blog is this? Link de!

Kuntala said...

বাঃ সুন্দর ছবি বিম্ববতী।

March Hare said...

Thank you Kuntala di! Boyfriend er tola. Tomar comment pore khub khushi hobe. :D

March Hare said...
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