Sunday, March 19, 2006


A friend of mine to another friend -
"Your skin looks enticing and chewy".
Well...enticing is okay.
But chewy??
CHEWY?? Cannibal naki re baba??


The Alluder of Alliterations said...

when we are hungry love wil keep us alive

Agarwaen Mormegil said...

It's a pun. hehe..has different meanings. If your friend'sis of the opposite sex, his intentions were..ehh..quite *naughty*.

Ancalagon The Black said...

I say that to yippie all the time.... aaaaah, her delectable skin ....

Pip Squeak said...

ADDICTED TO VAGINAL SKIN BY CANNIBAL CORPSE( please read the whole thing before passing judgement)

A relapse of my body
Sends my mind into multiple seizures
Psychologically a new human being
One that has never been

Cursed by the shamen
his voodoo spell has my soul
My limbs
go numb
I can't control my own thought
Are his now
his evil consuming me
ever telling me
begin the clit carving

Slowly turning me, into a flesh eating zombie
Knowing this spell can only be broken
by the vaginal skins of young women
I proceed to find the meat
their bleeding cunts will set me free
Warmth seeping from this
After I sucked the blood from her ass

I feel more alive
more alive than I've ever been
Even though now I'm dead within

My mouth drools
As I slice your perinium
My body smeared
With the guts I've extracted
through her hole, came swollen organs
cunnilingus with the mutilated

My spirit returned from the dead
Released by the priest
but I felt more real
when I was dead

The curse is broken
I have a dependence on vaginal skin
It's become my sexual addiction
I must slit, the twitching clit
Rotted cavity hold the juice

Between the legs, I love to carve
My cock is dripping with her blood

The Alluder of Alliterations said...

dude.. stop writing crap ... whether yours or others .... or take it elsewhere .....

"sen"sational said...

ALLITERATIONS - yeah...ekdom.

ARAGORN - friend is of the opposite sex, but his intentions were..ehh..not 'naughty' (i think) ..he says weird things like this all the time.

ANC - ami jani tui bolis. setai toh likhechhi re baba.

PIPSQUEAK - whoa!!! err...*in a squeaky voice*...this your writing?

Diviani said...

is it just me or is that cannibal corpse thing seriously revolting???

"sen"sational said...

SPIRAL - trust me is not just u...