Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today I got something that I had wanted for the last one year. But when I got it, I felt strangely empty and bereft.
Bereft of the wanting...if you know what I mean.
And now that I have feels as if my want was strangely small and insignificant and petty.
I don't even remember why I wanted it in the first place.
Life seems very strange and complicated all of a sudden.
I think I need a chocolate icecream.


Ancalagon The Black said...

My dear bimbette, you have fallen prey to one of the oldest natural laws of the planet.

"Where is the horse that untread again with the same bated fire that he did pace them first?"

The chase is indeed much more enjoyable than the feast.

erebus said...

be careful... once u get the chocolate ice cream you might not like it anymore

scorpionragz said...

whaddya find whaddya find huh huh huh???
can i share ur icecream??? puhleeeeez???

Talking Contradiction said...

finders weepers

"sen"sational said...

ANC - yeah...i kind of realised that...

EREBUS - if there is one unbreakable rule that rules my life is that i ALWAYS ... ALWAYS like chocolate icecream.i never ever say no to it.ever.period.

RAGZ - no. u cant. so there.

CONTRADICTIONS - well...i guess so..

panu said...

you've been TAGGED!!!

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