Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Pact (what we were supposed to do)
We are not to call up or chat with or send sms’s to or meet up(this part excludes my university friends because we have to meet each other when we come to the university) or communicate with each other (except for emergencies) for 48 hours.
Me and my friends. (Because we thought that we were communicating too much..and wanted to see if we could survive without keeping in touch with each other all the time.)
How long it was adhered to
Roughly 24 hours
What we actually did
Came to the university. Talked about the pact. Marveled at the fact that we had actually not communicated with any of our friends last evening. Saw a bus from the ledge. Jumped up. Decided we were feeling rebellious. And that enough was enough. Went running to the bus stop. Got on to the first bus that came our way (which, incidentally, was a Ramgarh-B.B.D. Bag). Called up most of our friends. Pondered over where we should go (so that…when the conductor came for the fare…we said something like …’kothay jachchi thik kore ni…tarpore dichchhi’). At last decided on going to Scoop (the Princep Ghaat Scoop). 15 people from all corners of Kolkata merged there. And had floats and french fries. And then they sang. And shouted. And joked. And giggled. And flirted. And said all kinds of meaningless stuff. And walked about aimlessly. And sat in the Maidan. (Because they found that Eden Gardens was closed to public till the elections). And talked. And sang some more. And generally scandalized everybody around.
Highlight of the day
When we ( mojo, yippeehippie, ragz and me)were congratulated on our ‘ganer gola’ by a ‘bhadralok’ in the bus. He said something like –‘ Tomader ki bhalo gola. Each one of you. Ar tomader moto meyera toh ajkal ar rabindrasangeet gayi na.’ I guess he didn’t hear all the Jim Morrison, Cranberries, Rang De Basanti, Goopy Gain Bagha Bain and Sound of Music songs (yes..yes I know..the range of our musical knowledge is mindboggling.) that followed the lone Rabindrasangeet we had sung.
My observation
If a sole evening spent without communicating with my friends results in such an expedition…then I want more and more of these pacts.
Why I enjoyed it soooo much
Because of the sheer unpredictability, madness and suddenness of the plan. And also because of the sense of adventure and the rush of adrenaline associated with it.

Yippeehippie deserves a very big thank you.


The Alluder of Alliterations said...


onnesha said...

heh\!heh!heh!that's soooooooo arunava......
once a brooder...always a brooder!!!
anyway...sounds like you had some FUN!!!

"sen"sational said...


ONNESHA - yeah..we certainly did..:)

Ancalagon The Black said...

aaaah yes. fun we had.

mojo said...

keoramo kake bole kolkatake dekhie diechhi!!

scorpionragz said...

Eden jabo! Eden jabo! Eden jabo!! Eden jabo!!!

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

gaar me danda de. de na!

anna-rchy said...

hmm, that sounded like an excellent day spent with friends, made me nostalgic while reading about it.

quite enjoy the pau-bhaji and soda sikanji outside scoop.

"sen"sational said...

ANC- yes..(duh)

MOJO - ekdom!

RAGZ - uff baba!! toke na bola holo je ar kichu na hok amra tor biyei na hoy eden e debo?? tao pan pan kore...

SONAI - lol

ANNA CHRONISM - definitely was :). and yes, the pav bhaji WAS quite delicious...(did i mention we rakshases also had pav bhajis?)

yippeeHippie said...

did we have FUN???
o yea!!!!
and alluder,`re gonna get a piece of my mind tomorrow!!