Friday, March 31, 2006

Some general observations.....

Ragz looks extremely cute in a shocking pink glittery skirt...(yes people...i DID say ragz AND glittery skirt...and i DID say cute...yes...CUTE..)

Yucky blue tops which look horrible on the rack manage to look extremely good on P.

Mojo resembles olive oyle (that is the spelling...isnt it??) in a skirt. But manages to look sweet at the same time.

Anc, though he NEVER tries anything on himself, generally has a lot to say about clothes...and what people (especially girls) should wear and how they should wear them.

Yippeehippie should NEVER wear synthetic, glittery red tops.

And as for me...well...classic blue denims (for some strange reason) DO NOT suit me AT ALL.(Can you believe that?)

Who said impromptu expeditions to shopping malls can't be fun???

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Some people can successfully pull off the "don't care" attitude.
Why is it that I can't?
Why can't I just NOT care as to what certain people think of me?
It is okay if those certain people are my friends...but it becomes difficult when I care about the opinions of people I don't even know very well. People I don't even like.
Why can't I just NOT care if I feel like an intruder amongst people most of the time?
Why can't I NOT brood over small, insignificant incidents?
Why can't I NOT indulge in introspection once in a while?
It would be a lot easier that way.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Pact (what we were supposed to do)
We are not to call up or chat with or send sms’s to or meet up(this part excludes my university friends because we have to meet each other when we come to the university) or communicate with each other (except for emergencies) for 48 hours.
Me and my friends. (Because we thought that we were communicating too much..and wanted to see if we could survive without keeping in touch with each other all the time.)
How long it was adhered to
Roughly 24 hours
What we actually did
Came to the university. Talked about the pact. Marveled at the fact that we had actually not communicated with any of our friends last evening. Saw a bus from the ledge. Jumped up. Decided we were feeling rebellious. And that enough was enough. Went running to the bus stop. Got on to the first bus that came our way (which, incidentally, was a Ramgarh-B.B.D. Bag). Called up most of our friends. Pondered over where we should go (so that…when the conductor came for the fare…we said something like …’kothay jachchi thik kore ni…tarpore dichchhi’). At last decided on going to Scoop (the Princep Ghaat Scoop). 15 people from all corners of Kolkata merged there. And had floats and french fries. And then they sang. And shouted. And joked. And giggled. And flirted. And said all kinds of meaningless stuff. And walked about aimlessly. And sat in the Maidan. (Because they found that Eden Gardens was closed to public till the elections). And talked. And sang some more. And generally scandalized everybody around.
Highlight of the day
When we ( mojo, yippeehippie, ragz and me)were congratulated on our ‘ganer gola’ by a ‘bhadralok’ in the bus. He said something like –‘ Tomader ki bhalo gola. Each one of you. Ar tomader moto meyera toh ajkal ar rabindrasangeet gayi na.’ I guess he didn’t hear all the Jim Morrison, Cranberries, Rang De Basanti, Goopy Gain Bagha Bain and Sound of Music songs (yes..yes I know..the range of our musical knowledge is mindboggling.) that followed the lone Rabindrasangeet we had sung.
My observation
If a sole evening spent without communicating with my friends results in such an expedition…then I want more and more of these pacts.
Why I enjoyed it soooo much
Because of the sheer unpredictability, madness and suddenness of the plan. And also because of the sense of adventure and the rush of adrenaline associated with it.

Yippeehippie deserves a very big thank you.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


A friend of mine to another friend -
"Your skin looks enticing and chewy".
Well...enticing is okay.
But chewy??
CHEWY?? Cannibal naki re baba??

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rang Barse....

And now....

I am maroon. And my hands are a very neat pattern of black and blue. I look like a defeated boxer after a particularly heavy round of boxing.

Mojo is black. And green. And with her long hair she resembles a Maa Kali.

Anc is a sickly shade of green and grey. And looks alarmingly like Shrek or some yucky sea monster come up from the deepest depths of the ocean.

I has black lips.

R has purple teeth.

And S.M has yellow ears.

And right now, I think I prefer watching the older (black n white) version of 'Mughal - e - Azam'.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


The ‘aaaaaaaaahhhh’ got glorified yesterday evening.
So did the patting on the head.
Is A.B. the man or what?? His mannerisms get copied on stage!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My dad stays in Varanasi and most of my childhood was spent there.
Spent in the teeming, smelly, noisy ghats. Amidst bulls and monkeys and sadhus. In a throbbing, bustling city which was very very very alive.
And today.These random terrorists just came and destroyed my childhood haven. A place where I always turned to for solace.
I spent the worst 45 minutes of my life today.
I heard about these blasts on TV and I couldn’t get through to baba, pisi or any of my friends or my dad’s colleagues. I was sitting…watching TV.. watching those familiar roads and temples spattered with blood and gore..littered with the stray chappal, the purse, the chhata…watching those decked up politicians talking utter crap on all the news channels… while I was almost physically sick with worry.
I did manage to get through to baba and pisi after sometime… ( and I know that the university campus is the safest place in the entire city), but the worry still doesn’t go away.
Maybe it never will. And maybe in some distant future I will learn to deal with it.
But right now…I think I need my baba. In flesh and blood. And I need him to give me a great big hug.
Because my childhood memories were bloodied and blasted today.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Well,… I have been tagged.…here goes…
My perfect man has to be –
1.The most important point of all… IMPERFECT…I mean..I am not at all perfect myself, and having a relationship with a perfect man is bound to give me a huge inferiority complex….
2.HONEST….I loathe dishonesty.
3.TALKATIVE….strong and silent types make me nervous…and uncomfortable. I like to talk. And I like people with whom I can talk a lot. And I am not at all the kind of girl who gets subtle hints anyway. So the bottomline is…he has to express himself pretty clearly for me to get the point.
4.QUIRKY, OFFBEAT and most importantly HAS to make me laugh. And make me laugh a lot. Most of the time. And as I am crazy about food, HAS to feed me whenever I am hungry.
5.INTELLIGENT. And I don’t mean bookish intelligence. Though being well read is definitely an added bonus. ( This …though is connected to #3 as I can’t talk much with people who don’t read much.)
6.DECENT LOOKING. I do not want drop dead gorgeous hunks. I am never attracted to them anyway. But there has to be a certain amount of physical attraction. Has to be clean and has to smell good. ( It is a definite turn on.) Oh…and before I forget…. stubbles would be very much appreciated. Till a few months ago, I didn’t like them much. But recently I have realized that they make a guy look good. And I love their scratchy feel.
7.Has to be from relatively SAME BACKGROUND (both economically and educationally). I am not a snob, but I am sorry…a rickshaw walah CANNOT be my perfect man.
8.Has to LOVE me A LOT. And I mean a lot. And has to be insanely proud of me. I know that I am not the most attractive girl on this planet ( though he has to find me attractive). Neither am I the most intelligent. But he has to be proud of whoever I am.

p.s. All the above qualities (except perhaps #2 and #8) are not applicable to a certain silver haired professor in our department and another bloke who goes by the name of Antonio Banderas.

And I tag mojo, bilu, anc, contradictions, erebus, ragz, yippeehippie and onnesha. The rules of the tag being -
1. You have to write 8 points your perfect mate has to have. And you have to mention the gender of your perfect mate here.
2. And then you have to tag 8 other people.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

According to my friends ,I resemble ( at various points of time ) :-
1. A beached whale ( err...I am very short ... and I thought whales were supposed to be huge?)
2. A beached porpoise
3. A baby walrus
4. A female hanuman
5. A mouse ( Apparently I resemble Jerry's orphan nephew who used to chomp his way through tablefuls of food....well...ok...I get the point....but I can't help it if I like to eat...can I?)
6. A stray puppy
7. A teletubby ( Though that is only when I start jumping up and down on seeing a certain professor of our department...though I have to admit that I am rather fat ...just know...plump??)

p.s. Though how the same person can resemble a whale and a mouse is beyond my comprehension..... but then I always did say...if there is one thing that all my friends are blessed with, it is an active imagination...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today I got something that I had wanted for the last one year. But when I got it, I felt strangely empty and bereft.
Bereft of the wanting...if you know what I mean.
And now that I have feels as if my want was strangely small and insignificant and petty.
I don't even remember why I wanted it in the first place.
Life seems very strange and complicated all of a sudden.
I think I need a chocolate icecream.