Thursday, July 25, 2019

Work has been crazy, for both me and S -- so much so that last week we saw each other 30 minutes tops each day. 30 minutes awake in the same room, before one person had to go to bed or shut themselves in a room with more work.

So we decided to go out to dinner after work on a weekday, to spend that elusive time together. The food was lovely, but it was after work, so I spent the entire time wishing that I could take off my bra. (My Pavlovian brain always goes: End of work day = No bra). And we were so hungry we barely exchanged a word once the food arrived. And when the meal ended, both of us felt EXTREMELY sleepy. So we quickly cabbed it home and fell asleep.

These middle-aged bones are not meant to go out on weekdays, is the moral of the story.