Wednesday, February 22, 2006

7 Things I Have Realised After Joining JUDE....

1. That the people around you have the inherent capacity of making you feel THIS small...(and I am not talking about only the Professors here).
2. That on a scale of 10 I would probably get -
a. 1.5 on how well read I am.
b. 1 for my knowledge of cinema.
c. 0.5 for my knowledge of music.
d. -1 for my knowledge of theatre.
e. 1 for my intelligence.
3. That our department probably has some of the (if not most of the) attractive and 'colourful' professors in the university. [ I mean...come on... almost every student around me (me included) has a huge crush on one professor or the other.. ] And trust me...discussing professors and their idiosyncracies is the favourite pastime of the entire JUDE student community.
4. That even extraordinarily brilliant professors are not ashamed to say "I don't know" or "I really don't remember" or "I guess I was wrong then..." infront of a class full of 40 students.
5. That I can read Tintin/ listen to Dylan all day and claim that I am actually doing my studies.
6. That not only is smoking in the department not out of bounds but professors can actually come up to you and ask you for fags.
7. That there is no other place in the entire world where I would rather study.


Ancalagon The Black said...

not to mention the hot gossip and extravagant scandals now and then just to spice things up.

erebus said...

crap... I know I should have gone there....except they wouldn't have taken me coz my knowledge in all those things you mentioned is so far in the negative scale... it owuld badly throw off the university average...

But I am good at making people feel small though... I am an expert at that (or so I am told)...

Ancalagon The Black said...

yes yes gryph. you can do that most excellently.

"sen"sational said...

ANC - yeah....JUDE (especially the ledge) would not be the same without the gossip, scandals and of course the 'resident sluts'.

EREBUS - u r???
@ ANC - how do u know that he is?

"sen"sational said...
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Ancalagon The Black said...

gryphy and I go along waaay back.

"sen"sational said...

ANC - well...all i can say is that u seem to go waaaaaaaaayy back with many ppl...dont u?

Diviani said...

ahem...... the JUDE ledge????

MAy i remind u that it isnt the JUDE ledge whr all the action takes place but at the COMP LIT ledge (though it is, famously, but a poor cousin of JUDE)??

i thought the rather frequent thrashings by OUR equally 'colorful+eccentric' profs who make u either
a. fall madly in love with them (e.g sammy uncle and raka or our h.o.d and me)
b. make u turn exceedingly homicidal
c. make u feel like maggot-foot-dust(e.g s.m)
d. all of the above

erebus said...

YES.. YES... we go quite back... back when anc wasn't a ledge slut...

but the maing feel small is a hidden talent of some sort... I have it... but I didn't know I have it... until others told me... you know... like spider sense

Ancalagon The Black said...

yes yes gryph, haven't people told you about that talent so much ?

"sen"sational said...

SPIRAL - sorry baba...comp.lit. ledge it is then.and...ahem...u r in love with the hod?? u mean i.c.?

EREBUS n ANC - as u ppl seem to be carrying on quite a conversation in the comments portion of my blog...i dont think my input is necessary here....;)

Ancalagon The Black said...

no, your input is quite un necessary. thank you for noticing.

"sen"sational said...

ANC - heh!!

Srin said...

JUDE ledge-ta onno dike. Get over it, Balarka, sheesh, trauma hoye geche toh.


Don't feel bad about #2, we're all here to learn. *waits for full sentimental impact* *smiles* And being pretty much forced to read Wordsworth/to listen to Dylan is probably the only way I'll ever actually do it, so really they're all doing me a favour.

Regarding #3 - I'd actually question the sanity of the student population if there wasn't any crushing-on-prof stuff going on. Not that I personally have a crush on anyone. And idiosyncrasies? Well, they're very public, aren't they, so hard to miss.

#4 - with one occasional exception I am HEARTBROKEN to point out.

#6 - You know I'm dying to make the obvious joke, here.

scorpionragz said...

uf!! u n ur profs!!!
As for ur ratings, don't u ever get tired of that kiddy game??
also, awwwww u ain't that bad!!!(weren't u just waiting for that!!!)