Thursday, February 09, 2006


A friend of mine claims that friends blasting her unfairly leaves her feeling indifferent. But it is not the case with me. They are my friends and I do care about their opinions.
Lately a lot of my friends have been behaving weirdly and giving me a lot of flak.
And they are being unfair. Very much so.
I know that. But I am still feeling a little guilty.
And it is not just them…..I ALWAYS feel that way…whatever be my position…notwithstanding the fact that I may be right in the matter, I always end up feeling guilty when people blast me….and it is not as if I am always wrong.
I think I am a little spineless in that sense.
I don’t think that I am liking myself very much right now.
In fact, right now I feel angry and hurt towards most of the world.


babelfish said... comment on the previous post did not automatically imply you need to lose weight; in fact you don't, I belatedly realized I might have been misunderstood.
And this is the b'fiss's solution to anger and hurt and hating all the and when and if you need it there's a hug waiting for you right here...cheer up you sensational piece of sunshine :)

"sen"sational said...

hey!!! thanks a lot!!!! (and just keep that hug in handy....i may just need it sometime soon...) :))

p.s. oh....and i didn't think that u meant that i need to lose weight....(whew!! that was some sentence...)

onnesha said...

woah!someones being loved and pampered....(sulk..sulk..sulk...)