Monday, February 06, 2006


person x is not a very close friend of person y.
it was not person x's birthday.
it was not person y's birthday either.
it was a normal day. (i.e. no ocassion)
but still person y insisted on treating person y to some very tasty food from a certain canteen in a certain university in eastern india.
whether person y actually treated person x is not the point.
the point is that it made person x feel very awkward. very uncomfortable. and a little annoyed and freaked.


Ancalagon The Black said...

what the hell?

Diviani said...

Stop freeaaaaaking out, person y is loaded. period. u get free food, something that's quite uncharacteristically ooc for u to refuse.

i like person y.

if i were loaded, i wouldnt spend a paisa on any of you.

so i suggest you rub your hands gleefully and have whatever person y's generous enough to feed you

"sen"sational said...

anc - ummmm....nothing.

spiral - well....i can't. it's one of my pet freaks...and even i like person y to a certain extent.

onnesha said...

is person "y" who i think it is???
i think i have a teeny weeny gut feeling its...watever!!!yeah!never sacrifice good food IF it ever comes free....tghats a personal advice....i never let go of these once-in-a-lifetime-opportunities!!!

"sen"sational said...

ummm....i generally don't if the person doling it out is a close friend. but i feel kind of weird taking it from ppl i know for a short period. as i said before...i can't help's one of my pet freaks...

Ancalagon The Black said...

Who indeed is person y?

I want to know. I want treats from him/ her; but not right now, 6 months later.

Anonymous said...

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"sen"sational said...

anc - ummmm...guess if u can...because i won't tell u.

roy - yeah...ok.

babelfish said...

unsolicited personal advice..
If person x feels uncomfortable, annoyed and freaked this is a good time to run; far, far, far away.
Which will only make person y want to treat person x more and might make person y upgrade to a better place than said canteen *which serves highly suspicious and possibly carrion flesh posing as chicken*.
In which case person x should remember these sage words...never sacrifice good food.
Thereafter run.
*if only to lose the weight gained*


Anonymous said...


First of all thanks to stop by my blog. & welcoming to the blog world...thanks!!

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"sen"sational said...

BABELFISH - well.....okay...i will definitely pay attention to ur suggestions.....if only to lose weight....;)

ROY - thanks...:)