Sunday, February 05, 2006


I am not a veritable film buff. But I do watch a lot of cinema.
And…let’s just put it this way…..there are movies…. and then there are movies.
Some movies make me laugh.
Some make me smile.
Some make me sad.
Some movies I enjoy while effectively tucking up my brain in some distant corner of my head for a good 3 hours of undisturbed slumber.
Some movies get me thinking.
While some simply put me to sleep.
But there is seldom a movie which makes me scared. (Horror movies seldom scare me. And anyways I am not talking about that kind of fear.)
I am talking about my fear. A fear triggered off from the sheer intensity of feelings the movie manages to portray. Especially since somehow somewhere down the line I can very much ,and I repeat, very much identify with these raw emotions. Rarely does a movie make me afraid of myself and of my very own feelings.
Cinema manages to move me. Well… least some do. But seldom has a movie not only moved me…but has literally shook me by the collars until I wanted to stamp and rave and scream out the myriad feelings churning inside my head. Seldom has a movie made me want to do something. Do something earthshattering and pathbreaking and…….. something really really really worthwhile.
Cinema manages to make me sad and melancholy and thoughtful. But cinema seldom makes me cry. At least contemporary cinema doesn’t. And anyways I seldom cry in public. Crying is an emotion, which I reserve for more private places than a movie theatre. Seldom has a movie influenced me so much that I felt like not only crying but howling my lungs out. Seldom has a movie made me (according to friends) audibly sob in a theatre.

RANG DE BASANTI has made me feel and do all of the above. Things which movies seldom make me do. It has made me angry and sad and happy and overwhelmed….all at the same time. And most of all…… has made me cry.
Go watch it.
I have nothing else to say.


erebus said...

There is a very famous Quentin Tarantino saying...
"some people like movies... other people like movies they like"

So RDB is tha good huh? It'll release here somewhere. I generally am not keen on spending $12.75 on a hindi movie.. or anything with Ashtin Kutchner in it... but the way peopel are ravign about it... might have to make an exception.

Ancalagon The Black said...

watch it dude. watch the movie, today's experience was really great.

babelfish said...

*scratches chin* I don't like movies which are too freakily realistic or scary. Maybe I could go watch Narnia instead :D

#3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

i howled. i was cring on my way back home. and i was crying when i was getting case. byapok boi. btw, did suchi cry?

"sen"sational said...

EREBUS- well....though it is quite a bit of cash...but i think it is worth it.

ANC -yeah!!! totally!!

BABELFISH -narnia was good too...but it came nowhere near rdb.

SHYO - what r u saying??? suchi cried more than me!! anc was in a little bit of trouble though. he was stuck between me and suchi. i was sobbing away to glory while suchi was spilling big silent tears. anc had to spend most of the second half of the movie trying to comfort us two.

Ancalagon The Black said...

yes indeed. such is my life, born under the unlucky star that I am , resorted to comforting women when they cry in movies.